Photographer: Alan Masters

Photographer: Alan Masters

…Captivating from entrance to exit, Baker swirled and circled around herself, the stage, and her hoop in luxuriously intricate patterns. The hoop did not simply exist as a prop, but rather acted as her duet partner as it wove around her seamlessly. Even in moments of detachment, Baker never lost track of this important extension of her own body by continuing to stretch her limbs beyond her limits…” -Emily Sese, TheaterJones Review

2019 Performances: 

October 18/Improvisation Duet/by: Tara Baker and Brandon Gonzalez/University of North Texas/Denton, TX

May 24, 25/screening of QUASAR/by: CJ Anderson and Tara Baker/Tapp’s Art Center/Columbia, SC

April 11,12,13/screening of QUASAR/by: CJ Anderson and Tara Baker/Margo Jones Performance Hall/Denton, TX

March 4/Pilling/by: Tara Baker/Undergraduate Preview Day/TWU/Denton, TX

February 16/Pilling/by: Tara Baker/Day of Dance/Black Box Theatre/Denton, TX /Denton Record-Chronicle

February 11/Improv Lottery/RBC/Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions/Dallas, TX

February/Featured in ARThaus’ Monthly Zine/

2018 Performances: 

December 7/Save the Castle/Culminating Project/by: Tara Baker/Denton, TX

November 15,16,17/Great Mystery, Big Thing/by: Sarah Gamblin/Denton, TX

September 29/100 Ways to Kiss the Trees/by: Rosemary Candelario and Heyward Bracey/Denton, TX

September 28/Reading the Room/by: Tara Baker/Jungle Tender Zine Release Party/Denton, TX

August 17/Improv Lottery/KUZU Benefit/Dan’s SilverLeaf/Denton, TX

August 4/The Max/by: Yea Jean Choi/University of Texas at Arlington/Arlington, TX

August 4/Distort/by: Martheya Nygaard/University of Texas at Arlington/Arlington, TXF

July 17/Live Hardware and Tap Set/by: Tara Baker/Red Light Fever House/Denton, TX

June 12/Live Hardware and Tap Set/by: Tara Baker/J&J's Basement/Denton, TX

April 29/Tea Time/by: Tara Baker/Arts and Jazz Fest/Denton, TX

April 19/The Max/by: Yea Jean Choi/Tarrant County College/Dallas, TX

April 12/The Max/by: Yea Jean Choi/Tarrant County College Faculty Concert/Fort Worth, TX

April 5/Innocence Room: music, dance and installations/by: Tara Baker, John Gillespie, Adam Love, Najwa Seyedmorteza/Arts Walk/Denton, TX

March 9/The Max/by: Yea Jean Choi/Eastfield Faculty Concert/Dallas, TX

March 3/Standing in the Sun/by: Tara Baker/4X4 Showcase/Denton, TX

February 17/'serkel/by: Tara Baker/Black Box Theatre/Denton,TX